US Immigration Now And Then

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US Immigration Now And Then

Radio/Podcast: It can be useful to look at integration from many different perspectives. One important way is of course to compare the situation in different countries, but also to look back in time. Two interesting blog articles show the difference – and similarities – in US immigration now and in the 1920’s. 

The US is famous for being a country built by immigrants. In 2016 the reporter Christian Schwalb from RadioBremen travelled across North America to learn more about the situation for immigrants today. One question he asked was: Are immigrants better and faster integrated “over there” than in for example Germany? What he found was one key factor – immigrants were faster integrated into the labour market in USA than in Germany. Finding work is considered absolutely crucial to a successful integration of migrants.

On RadioBremen’s homepage you can listen to Christian Schwalb’s interviews (in German):

Read more on the homepage of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung.

Two Women Immigrants Tell Their Stories

In a podcast from March 16th 2019, two women and US immigrants get to tell their stories. The Tenement Museum stands behind the podcast How To Be American, and the two women arrived in the States during the 1920’s respectively in resent time.

Cora Cervantes was born in Mexico and came to the US as a seven year old. She came in contact with the Tenement Museum and ended up participating in the storytelling project Your Story, Our StoryClick here to read it.

Rosaria Baldizzi moved with her family from Sicily to New York in the late 1920’s. Hers was a typical immigration story of hardship and complications. In 1924 a law passed which made becoming an American citizen much more difficult for Rosaria than for her husband. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript here.

Read more on the Museums and Migration’s blog.

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