UNHCR: Refugees Can Contribute to the Socio-Economic Life

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UNHCR: Refugees Can Contribute to the Socio-Economic Life

On the UNHCR website (short for The UN Refugee Agency) you can read about the work being done in refugee camps. One particular article report on the potential of some African refugees who start their own businesses, or in other ways show a creative and entrepreneurial side, within the camp.

The new UNHCR director in Kenya, Raouf Mazou, was showing some people from the World Bank around the Kakuma camp. They came across a phone shop and one of the delegats started showing an interest. Mr Mazou had always focused on the vulnerability of the refugees and where he could help. It had never occurred to him that there were potential to invest in.

180,000 refugees live in the camp, and there are about 2000 businesses generating US$56 million a year. Simple contributions, like giving out small loans or teaching bookkeeping skills, can help the business grow and create a stable foundation for the owner, any employees and ultimately the community.

Watch the video below or read the article here.

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