The Share House Refugio Berlin

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The Share House Refugio Berlin

The Refugio Berlin is a type of Share House that can be found in South Africa. The founders Sven Lager and Elke Naters were inspired by the idea and created their own share house (‘Sharehaus’ in German) in Neukölln, Berlin. Under one roof – and spread over six floors – you can find the Refugio Café, a catering kitchen, a party and conference hall, smaller conference rooms, artist studios, a dance studio, private accommodations and, to top it off – a rooftop garden. 

The house is meant to be a place for community and cooperation, and both old and new Berliners are welcome. Berliner Stadtmission run the place and are responsible for the daily activities. Besides that, three organisations and co-operation partners lodge in the building as well: Give Something Back To Berlin, Querstadtein and Kreuzbergprojekt.

The Best Practices Handbook

The Refugio “Sharehaus” is yet another example of integration projects out of the ordinary. Read about this and many other fantastic examples in the ISDL Best Practices Handbook, about five different countries on the best practices of immigrant integration.

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