Study on the phenomenon of immigration in Romania. Integration of foreigners into Romanian society

Study on the phenomenon of immigration in Romania. Integration of foreigners into Romanian society

          Legal immigration and RTT integration are topics debated at European Union level, the social integration of foreigners in host societies as the core of public policies in immigration. Knowledge, the genuine promotion of fundamental rights, non-discrimination and equal opportunities for all become extremely important elements for ensuring a good integration of third-country nationals and for joint efforts both from rtt and the indigenous population for the construction of responsible and diverse open societies.
“Study on the phenomenon of immigration in Romania. Integration of Foreigners in Romanian Society “, organized by the Soros Foundation in partnership with the Romanian Association for Health Promotion (ARPS), presents the degree of knowledge of the phenomenon of immigration and recommendations to support the integration of rtt (third-country nationals) with the right of legal residence in Romania.

          The purpose of the project “Study on the phenomenon of immigration in Romania. The integration of foreigners in Romanian society “has been the improvement of the knowledge about the phenomenon
immigration in Romania with an emphasis on the integration of third-country nationals (third-country nationals) in the Romanian society.
The target group of the project was represented by the Romanian population at a general level and especially by the population in the cities and areas where there are larger communities of third-country nationals; by foreigners with legal residence in Romania; by the Romanian authorities with responsibilities in immigration management and international and non-governmental organisations involved in integrating RTT.
The project’s activities consisted of a diagnosis of the current situation and a forecast of the future trends of the immigration phenomenon, a study on the situation of migrants in Romania, the perception of the population on foreigners and the integration of third-country nationals, the relevant organizations in the field of RTT integration the most effective methods of information so that the information provided is a sound basis for substantiating public policies developed by Romanian authorities in immigration and integration of foreigners.

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