Stories Of Migration In Berlin

Downtown Berlin / Photo: noelsch at Pixabay

Stories Of Migration In Berlin

What would you say if your Berlin tour guide could give you their personal view on immigration? Querstadtein offers guided tours by immigrants who love to share their experiences as newcomers to Europe’s most vibrant capital – Berlin.

If you are new to Berlin and want to make a tour of the city, but in a different way. Not like the usual guided tours for tourists. Or if you want to learn something new about your hometown. Try out Querstadtein and the tours led by immigrants with a personal story to tell.

Started Off With Former Homeless Guides

The founders Katharina Kühn and Sally Ollech started out in 2012. Back then the idea was to let former homeless people show “their” Berlin and give people a different tour experience. In 2015 they came up with the idea to include refugees. On the homepage they explain what the tour is all about and what you will experience:

“On the city tour through Berlin-Neukölln they share their experiences with you and invite you to see the neighbourhood through their eyes. After all, Sonnenallee can almost feel a bit like the streets of Beirut or Damascus before the war.”

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