Good practice

Each partner has researched the practices fostering integration of immigrants/increasing social inclusion of immigrants. Here’s practices about (actions/activities/projects) that was developed after the assessment of content during the meeting of the first year of the project.

 We see the following international research carried out by each partner on their territory.

Partners have chosen good practice examples that foster integration/social inclusion of immigrants in the one of the following  areas:

  • Active Citizenship and Community Building
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Open Government
  • Urban Sharing Lifestyles
  • Social Communication Methodology
  • Digital Literacy
  • Digital Education

and fulfil the following criteria:

  • they are transferable – they can be replicated in another country/environment; are not context specific;
  • they are transformative – they really foster integration/social inclusion of immigrants ( they have really influenced the situation of immigrants) and sharing them can help to integrate immigrants in other places.
  • they are sustainable (capable of enduring) – they should be running at least 1 year  or their effects are profound and long lasting.