Kreuzberger Himmel – A Restaurant Run By Refugees

Table with food / Photo: Stefan Johnson

Kreuzberger Himmel – A Restaurant Run By Refugees

Kreuzberger Himmel in Berlin, Kreuzberg, isn’t just a restaurant serving Syrian food, it is actually a haven for refugees. Not only do they have delicious dishes on the menu, but empathy, solidarity – and integration.

It started out in 2015 when a group of people with different vocational background came together to help the many refugees arriving in Berlin at the time. At first it was a question of housing, and keeping the newcomers off the streets. Otherwise they would have resorted to finding accommodation in overcrowded refugee camps, or even homelessness. Since then the group named Be An Angel has continued cooperating and networking, and more than 500 refugees have been offered a roof over their head.

Food For Body And Soul

The organisation has grown and today initiates many projects, the restaurant being one of them. The team consists of people who love food and cooking. They come from four countries, speak six languages and confess to three different religions. On the homepage the food is described like this: “The Syrian cuisine is so surprising, because it is so similar to the Central European: fine, mild, precise.” Kreuzberger Himmel not only provides food for the body, but for the soul as well.

Kreuzberger Himmel is supported by the parish of St. Bonifatius Church and many sponsors, and anyone is welcome to make a financial contribution to Be An Angel. The restaurant also offers catering services.

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