Joint Staff Training Event POTENZA – ITALY


Joint Staff Training Event

Joint Staff Training Event was hosted by Euro-Net from 06th to 10th of November 2018 in Potenza (Italy).

Generally, the Joint Staff Training Event was designed to train the staff about the main project topics as well as for group building experience. The event was to:

  • improve and reinforce language skills in the target and the host country language,
  • provide adequate training approach with a different culture,
  • train participants on the use of modern ICT tools.

During the event it was provided a mix of activities and transfer of knowledge thanks to lessons, interactive presentations, training and open sessions to discuss about the project topics and to share experience and knowledge. The overall aim of the event was to become an expert in the integration by social and digital learning and ready to transfer the acquired knowledge by acting as educators for adults.

The participants attended in following workshops and trainings:

  • Cultural awareness workshop by BUCOVINA INSTITUTE
  • Cultural Awareness & Active Citizenship and Community Building by BIS
  • Social Communication Methodologies workshop by KNÜPFWERK e.V.
  • Digital literacy, Social networks management by EURO-NET
  • Digital Education by KIRSEHIRMEM
  • Open Government presentation by EURO-IDEA.FSK.

The group building was reinforced throe social meals and cultural visit.

In fact, the participants were able to visit the European Capital of Culture 2019 – Sassi di Matera a and try local cuisine.

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