2nd Transnational Project Meeting KIRSEHIR – TURKEY

The second project meeting took place in Kirsehir (Turkey),  on 14th and 15th of May 2018.


After five months of doing research and finding good practices, we had the opportunity to discuss our findings with our colleagues.

The meeting started  with an introduction of “MAKING A DESCRIPTION OF A GOOD PRACTICE”  manual, made by BIS Foundation. Then we came to the main point of the meeting agenda –  Good Practice (GP) presentation. Each partner presented examples of Good Practices of immigrant integration from their country.

We evaluated together our GP cases and discussed the criteria of making a proper GP description. It was a very valuable meeting because it gave us a chance to get feedback from our partners  about results of our work. We could also update our preliminary criteria of choice and description of GP on the basis of our experiences.

The second important issue discussed during this meeting was dissemination of the project.

Euro-Idea presented  in-depth introduction to this topic, following indications of National Agency and Erasmus Plus program.

After presentations we visited migrant school in Kirsehir and were invited to Kirsehir Education Directorate. It was great opportunity to get to know the immigrants situation in Turkey. It was a touching experience for all of us.

After the official part of the meeting we had some free time for cultural activities. We had a small trip to  Cappadocia. Each day during common meals we had a chance to get to know each other better.

For more insights you may consult meeting agenda and Facebook page.

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