1st Transnational Project Meeting KRAKOW – POLAND

ISDL Kick-off meeting took place in Kraków, Poland, on 6th and 7th of December 2017.


The meeting was hosted by the coordinator, Euro-Idea, and the partner organization, BIS.

Both organisations are from Kraków and therefore it was a natural decision to host the meeting together.

It was an extremely important meeting for the project and for the partnership because, the partners had a chance to get to know each other and to present their institutions, attitudes towards the desired outcomes of the collaboration, as well as to share their past professional experiences.

We invite you to look at our presentations form this meeting.

Euro-Net introduced the project topic and its context. Euro-Idea presented the financial rules and administrative issues related to the project. All partners presented their organizations.

One of the main objectives of this meeting was to create a friendly working environment. We are aware that this is a big challenge in international projects and therefore we adopted measures to improve collaboration. For example, we adopted communication roles, created a Google group, and a Facebook page for ISDL needs. These was especially helpful with collaboration and coordinating video conferences since members of the project span across different time zones.

All presentations and important documents were uploaded to Trello platform, which is a perfect tool to manage international projects. As a large team, we are efficient and well informed because all partners and their teams have access to this platform.

During the meeting we divided the main tasks among all members. It was fantastic to be a part of this experience, where everyone  shared their roles and responsibilities.

Finally, after the official meeting ended, we had time for cultural activities and shared meals.

It was a very pleasant meeting despite the cold December weather!

We have created an amazing team for the ISDL project, and we are excited about the future work and collaboration.

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For more insights we invite you to check out the meeting agenda and our Facebook page.

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