Context / Background

Migration is considered the most important issue of the century.

Every year millions of people all around the world are forced to abandon their homes because of different displacement reasons such as: poverty, war, persecution social and political exclusion or searching for a better life.

All European countries are affected, directly or indirectly, by this migrant flow. More than 43 million people world-wide are now forcibly displaced, the highest number since mid-1990s. As our societies are becoming more various because of migration tendencies, more people started to live in multicultural societies. The increasing number of refugees’ population call the need of some issues such as, social integration, tolerance, non-discrimination, solidarity, public health etc.

Most of the migrants are unemployed and this difficult situation is affecting the social engagement and the integration.

Also the unemployed that are not migrant are showing the same problems in the full integration and on the needs to increase the skills both social and digital for a better employability.

Emerging Needs

Migrants and unemployed need to increase the knowledge and skills about:

  • cultural sensitivity in order to be more integrated in the society
  • active citizenship in order to feel part of a larger and new context where to live in
  • digital literacy to increase the employability and also extend the adult education thanks to ICT tools


Exchange and transfer of Good Practice examples with practical details about its possible use and effective implementation. The OER outputs are going to be used by educators of ADULT MIGRANTS and UNEMPLOYED.

The selected TOPICS are:

  • Active Citizenship and Community Building
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Open Government
  • Urban Sharing Lifestyles
  • Social Communication Methodology
  • Digital Literacy
  • Digital Education


The project aims to:

  • Produce a PRELIMINARY REPORT about the state of art of the integration and employment policies in partners’ countries;
  • Explore and discover successful GOOD PRACTICE examples about European cases of integration by social and digital learning (covering all the above-mentioned topics) – available in all Partners’ national languages;
  • Stimulate a change in the adult education thanks to the EXPLORATION OF INCLUSIVE AND INNOVATIVE APPROACHES to the social and digital inclusion;
  • Transfer the of knowledge about effective methodologies and approaches during a JOINT STAFF TRAINING EVENT. The event aims to train selected staff (adult educators from partner’s institutions) about some interesting topics: active citizenship, creativity in urban areas, social communication methodology for the integration, digital education and community building;
  • Create a WEBSITE integrated with Blog and Social Networks containing MATERIALS TRANSLATED into all partners’ National languages to promote and encourage extensive exploitation and dissemination;
  • Disseminate the project outputs and results throughout EU with a database of OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES available through open licences;
  • Create a NETWORK at international level aimed to share and compare ideas, practices and methodologies.

Impact Envisaged

The partnership will bring together partners coming from several countries and their stakeholders, with the synergic power to reach a very large and diverse audience, thanks also to an intensive dissemination campaign.

The results, made as Open Educational Resources, will be ready for a large exploitation mainly at local level but also at regional and national levels.


We are 6 project partners – organisations from Italy, Romania, Turkey, Poland and Germany – reflecting on and sharing knowledge, experiences, and data collected.